21st Century Meetings and Events

Improve Your Total Attendee Experience

Speed Your Process

Streamline your event entry process with QR codes, at multiple locations. Your guests scan in themselves.

No Sign-in Sheets

Save administration time from deciphering illegible names on paper sheets.

Real-Time Data

Know who is coming as they register, and who has arrived at your event in real time – any time

Digital Attendance

Eliminate the need to get signatures and evidence of attendance. 

Instant Feedback

Get feedback on your event as soon as the event is over – no paper responses to collect and collate

Logbook Register

Answer questions at the end about your learnings and other questions at the event directly in the app


Save Time | Look Professional | Better Experience


Setup a Meeting, Promote it, Keep live Records

  • Holding an event or meeting and need to keep track? Create an Organiser profile using the app specifying your organisation or group or tribe name.
  • Setup events, meets and hangouts by: Day, time, location, CPD hours and more. Create as many as you want and all events are advertised through AttendO to your  group automatically if they have the app.
  • Are you an Attendee?  Download the same app but register as Guest and follow the organisation, group or tribe name that you want and be informed of updates and meets as they are created.


Improve your Meetings and Events Start

  • Do you want to just get started with your event rather than stand in line and search tediously for your name?
  • Your guests and members upon arrival at the advertised event and use AttendO’s customised QR codes at various locations to scan in.
  • Those that don’t have a mobile device or are ‘walk ups’ can instantly be scanned in by you.
  • You get real time knowledge of member arrival and attendance


Save time - Improve your Follow Up

  • Create certificates or potentially import into your internal database systems.
  • As an organiser you will receive an event attendance report in PDF or CSV format  from us.
  • You can also follow up with those that are not paid or eligible members or simply to say thanks.

Incredibly Powerful Features

  • Role Profiles

    As an organiser or guest, create and select the organisation(s) you are part of. AttendO works off these role profiles. Based on these profiles AttendO provides unique features

  • Event Notifications

    As organiser you setup an event.  As an attendee, you instantly receive a notification of a new event for you to join. All in AttendO

  • Attendance Reports

    As Organiser, you choose reports in PDF or CSV formats live and after the event. As attendee, all your attendances are kept for you by AttendO

  • Scheduled Events

    Organisers and guests have a screen showing their upcoming events

  • No Hardware Required

    No need to supply hardware. Customised QR codes created in AttendO, are scanned by your attendees as they arrive using their own devices

  • Reminders Simplified

    Remind often. Attendees are notified of their upcoming events via push notifications and can join any time up to the event date

Yes, Features for your Meeting Attendees

For the attendee or guest as it’s called, AttendO notifies you of an event when it’s posted, checks you in and keeps a permanent trail of your attendance – simplifying your  compliance records in the one spot.And, if you have a need to record what you learnt you can do that too.

Plenty of reasons for your guests to download the app. Run a promotion within the app to get them to sign up and win a prize.

This is an app for those who want seamless notification, tracking and recording of events all in the palm of your hand. Oh, and the app also collates feedback about venue quality, speaker quality, and free text feedback instantly.

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